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Has it ever occurred to you the difference between the words “complete” and “finish”? The following might be of interest to you:

During a recent linguistic conference held in London, England, and attended by some of the best linguists in the world: Samsundar Balgobin, a Guyanese, was the clear winner.

His final challenge was this: Some say there is no difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED. Please explain the difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED in a way that is easy to understand.
Samsundar’s astute reply was:
“When you marry the right woman, you are COMPLETE. But, when you marry the wrong woman, you are FINISHED. And when the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are COMPLETELY FINISHED!”

His answer was received with a standing ovation lasting over 5 minutes and it entitled him to receive an invitation to dine with the Queen, who invited him after the contest.

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New SIM to Surprise Her Husband

Woman buys a new Sim Card. Puts it in her phone and decides

to surprise her husband who is seated on the couch in the living room.

She goes to the kitchen, calls her husband with the new number:

“Hello Darling.”

The husband responds in a low tone:

“Let me call you back later honey, my wife is in the kitchen.


A couple was invited to a swanky costume party. The Mrs. got a terrible headache and told her husband to go to the party alone. He being a devoted husband protested, but she argued and said she was going to take some aspirin and go to bed and there was no need for his good time being spoiled by not going.

So he took his costume and away he went. The wife, after sleeping soundly for about an hour, awakened without pain and, as it was still early, decided to go the party.

Since her husband did not know what her costume was, she thought she would have some fun by watching her husband to see how he acted when she was not with him. She joined the party and soon spotted her husband cavorting around on the dance floor, dancing with every nice woman he could, and copping a little feel here and a little kiss there.

His wife sidled up to him and being a rather seductive babe herself, he left his current partner and devoted his time to the new babe that had just arrived. She let him go as far as he wished naturally,since he was her husband.

Finally, he whispered a little proposition in her ear and she agreed. So off they went to one of the cars and had a quickie.

Just before unmasking at midnight, she slipped away, went home, put the costume away and got into bed, wondering what kind of explanation he would make for his behavior.

She was sitting up reading when he came in, and she asked what kind of a time he had. He said: “Oh, the same old thing. You know I never have a good time when you’re not there.”

“Did you dance much ?”

“I’ll tell you, I never even danced one dance. When I got there, I met Pete, Bill Brown and some other guys, so we went into the den and played poker all evening. But you’re not going to believe what happened to the guy I loaned my costume to….”

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Special Package for Businessmen

An Airline introduced a special package for Business men.

Buy your ticket, get your wife’s ticket free.

After great success, the company sent letters to all the wives asking how was the trip.

All of them gave the same reply…”What trip?”

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You might have a chuckle over the following:


I am seeing 7 gentlemen (give or take) every day!.

As soon as I wake up, Will Power helps me get out of bed.
Then I go to see John.

Then Arthur Ritis shows up & stays the rest of the day.
He doesn’t like to stay in one place very long so he takes me from joint to joint.

After such a busy day, I’m really tired & very glad to go to bed with Earl Grey.

What a life!
Oh, yes, I’m also flirting with Al Zymer;
or whatever his name is. I forget !

and I’m thinking of calling JACK DANIELS, Captain Morgan or JOHNNY WALKER to come
over and keep me company.

Life is like a roll of toilet paper…..the closer it gets to the end,
the faster it goes.


Hi Guys
How would you like to celebrate your anniversary with your partner for 72 years?
Not many of us are fortunate to reach this milestone. However, there is a couple (Kelvin and Nancy Matheson) in North Turramarra, who have just celebrated their 72nd anniversary together.

Here is the recipe for their success:

– A teaspoon of kisses
– A pinch of affection
– A handful of understanding baked for many years in the oven
– Genunie love for each other
– Celebrating the good times together
– A lot of giving and taking
– Stay calm and work things out together when the going is tough
– Helping out in cooking
– A great cook certainly goes a long way…

May I take this opportunity to wish all of you a VERY MERRY X’MAS and A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR ahead

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No offence meant….

A very intelligent girl was asked the meaning of marriage.
She said: “Sacrificing the admiration of hundred guys, to face the criticism of one idiot.”


“Marriage is give and take. You’d better give it to her or she’ll take it anyway.”

A Philosopher HUSBAND said:-

Every WIFE is a ‘Mistress’ of her Husband… “Miss” for first year & “Stress” for rest of the life…


Here is an interesting quotation which I thought would be really helpful

“No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share an umbrella and
survive the storm together.”…Unknown

During a “marriage encounter” workshop I overheard the following exchange between this loving couple. It ran like this:

WIFE: “How would you describe me?”


WIFE: “What does that mean?”

HUSBAND: “Adorable, beautiful, cute, delightful, elegant, fashionable, gorgeous, and hot.”

WIFE: “AW, thank you, but what about IJK?”

HUSBAND: “I’m just kidding!”